At we have a wide selection of stainless steel clamps. The strong clamp ensures that you can tighten the hose tightly around an assembly piece or transition piece.

It is very important that there are no leaks in the couplings between the hoses or when mounting on the insulation machine. Therefore, we recommend using this extra strong clamp to reduce the risk of material plugging in the hoses.

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Clamps for insulation machines and insulation vacuum cleaners

We offer several different sizes of clamps for air dispersion machines and insulation vacuum cleaners. It is important to use proper clamps for several reasons:

  • Minimizes the risk of leaks in joints
  • Easy to mount and tighten
  • Withstands repeated use
  • They are long-lasting

We recommend using our Alu junctions and steel transition pieces for assembling hoses, as these models are perfect for securing the transitions between the hoses.

The connectors are used for hoses of the same diameter to lengthen the hose. Transition pieces are used where there is a need to go up or down in diameter of the hose.

Our clamps have a minimum wall thickness and with our strong clamps the hose fits tightly. Tight joints reduce the risk of material clogging up in the hose.

Clamps for all types of tasks

We have clamps for hoses in the size from Ø40 mm / 11/2" up to Ø200 mm / 8". This means that you can easily find a hose tape for your insulation tasks, no matter what size you are looking for.

It is important to choose a clamp of the correct size so that you are ensured the most optimal sealing of the hose.

The clamp must be large enough to reach around the hose and have a width so that the clamp firmly grips either the insulation hose or the suction hose.

The clamp must not be too large, as it can cause leaks. As a starting point, it is important that the clamp is 1-2 cm longer than the diameter of the hose on which the clamp will be mounted.

Our stock is large and most of our products are ready for immediate delivery. Order now and get fast delivery of clamps for the next task.