Endoscope Camera

Wireless endoscope camera with fantastic recording quality and image display.

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Endoscope camera for isolation

Our smart inspection camera is indispensable in connection with many insulation tasks - especially when you need to examine a closed structure and subsequently document your work to the customer. Our endoscope camera is specially designed for the professional craftsman in the construction / insulation industry.  

The endoscope camera can take sharp pictures and videos via a smaller lens located at the far end of the insertion bar. Powerful LED bulbs ensure sufficient light in the dark construction. Your assurance of professional documentation.

The lens sits on the side of the insertion bar, which is optimal in relation to cavity walls and floor separation. You can thus look into the closed construction at a 90 degree angle.

The inspection camera comes in a smart transport case, this way you can safely transport it around and the shelf life is extended in your favor.

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Functional endoscope camera

An endoscope camera can be used to take pictures of inner objects, making it ideal for use during isolation tasks. You insert the camera behind the walls, so you get a picture of the scope of the task. The endoscope camera records high-resolution images, which can be transferred to a monitor for examination.

By using an endoscope camera, you have a much better opportunity to ensure an optimal solution to your insulation tasks, as you can diagnose your needs and challenges much better. See endoscope camera on this page and get a better opportunity to solve your insulation tasks.