Insulation Machines

We have insulation machines of all sizes and for any task of blowing insulation. 

All our machines are in high quality with production speeds that match the busy craftsman and insulator. 

If you need to learn more about Cool Machines insulation machines, please visit our website.

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Our insulation machines are a great choice for professional use. It is important to protect yourself and your employees as much as possible, and you can do this by using an insulation machine. That way, you can let the machine do the work!

We sell many different models and sizes depending on your needs. Cool Machines are produced and manufactured in the USA, and you are thus guaranteed a high standard and professional quality. 

We offer 24/7 telephone support on machines purchased from us. This ensures that you can always be up and running.

It is important to remember the daily maintenance after using the insulation machine. Then you have a faithful and stable air dispersion machine for many years. If you have questions about your machine, use of it, maintenance, or accessories, please contact us on tel. +45 54 60 90 06.