Nozzles for Vacuums

Our suction nozzles can be used to remove old insulation like granules and batts insulation.

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We offer heavy-duty nozzles for suction machines used for clean-up work. It can be in connection with fire damage, water damage or storm damage, but also old insulation on the ceiling/wall/cavity wall.  

Our suction nozzle Ø150 mm is also ideal for use in demolition of properties where, for example, EPS granules or other types of insulation in granular form need to be removed.

For larger pieces of insulation such as batts, our nozzle Ø200 mm will be the correct choice. It can easily suck up old batts pieces and thereby remove the old insulation. It makes the work easier and you let the machine do the work.

The hose is connected to an insulating sucker. It is all sucked into a collection bag or container.

You can see our range of professional insulation hoses suitable for suction work and hose reels to facilitate work.