Powerful and solid high power blower for insulation machine.

Power: 7.1 amp Size: 8.4"

Can be used for:

CM-700, CM-1500HP, CM-2400 and CM-3000XL

Krendl 2300

IsoPro 2400 and IsoPro 2500

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Over time, the fans on your insulation machine will wear out and need to be changed. On you can buy blowers for both insulation machines from Cool Machines, IsoPro and Krendl.

You can extend the life of the machine's fans if you continuously clean the dust filters and change them when they wear out.  Dirty or pierced filters put a lot of strain on the fans. 

On most blowing machines, it is relatively easy to replace the fans. They can be switched individually or all at once.

Larger insulation machines may have a compressor blower. It has a higher power and significantly longer service life, but is also somewhat more expensive to replace.