Hose Reel

With our professional hose reels, you always have control and control over your hoses. It eases your work a lot and at the same time helps to ensure that your insulation hoses have a longer shelf life.

Our range is wide and suits every need. We have the best-selling models in stock in our showroom in Holeby, and can be delivered quickly. 

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Extend service life with a hose reels

A hose reels make it possible to store, organize and effectively use insulation hoses. Hose reels are available in different sizes and models, ensuring that you can find a hose reels that suit your level.

When choosing a hose rewinder for your insulation hoses, consider the length of the hose, how much weight the winder can carry, and how often the hose is likely to be used. That way, you can be sure that you get a product that meets your needs now and in the future.

Hose reels are an effective way to store and use insulation hoses without taking up too much space or causing damage. With reliable models available from trusted suppliers, they are ideal if you need a secure storage solution with long-term benefits. Investment

We offer a wide range of hose reels. There are many different models and sizes that can be adapted to your needs.

Does the hose reeler need to be attached to your trailer?

Should it be possible to move it around via wheels?

What size hoses or cables do you use?