Our insulation vacuum cleaners from Cool Machines are available in different sizes and with different capacities. We have smaller insulation vacuum cleaners which are particularly suitable for removing insulation granules and loose wool fiber. And we have larger insulation vacuum cleaners to remove batts insulation. All machines are designed for continuous use. They are transportable and available in a fuel-powered version or in an electric version.

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Manual removal of old and broken insulation is most often a very dirty and dusty task. It takes a long time, and often takes place in an attic with poor space conditions. With an insulation vacuum cleaner, you do not have to fill the insulation in bags and drag them down from the ceiling. An insulation vacuum cleaner can lead the insulation directly into a large collection bag or container.

An insulation vacuum cleaner is an effective working tool that greatly minimizes the workload with the removal of insulation:

Faster workflow
Less physical handling
Significantly fewer dust nuisances
Large air exchange - is a huge advantage in summer in a warm attic.

A smaller insulation vacuum cleaner like the Premium Vac 16 hp is ideal for removing granular insulation. With an intake pipe of Ø150 mm, a hose of the same diameter can be connected, which is sufficient to remove granular insulation. If it is to be used for removing batts insulation, you must cut the individual batts into smaller pieces.

If the insulation vacuum cleaner is to be used to remove both granular insulation and batts insulation, it is recommended to use larger insulation vacuums. For example, our Monster Vac 23 or Charge Vac 10 hp, both of which have intake pipes of Ø200 mm. With hose size of this diameter, it is much easier to remove batts insulation. At the same time, both Monster Vac and Charge Vac have a significantly larger impeller, which is why the suction is much more powerful than on smaller machines.

Our Giant Vac 37 hp is delivered to order, and also has an intake pipe of Ø200 mm. It has a very large impeller, which provides even greater suction efficiency, and thus a higher work pace.